Bad Religion 「The Dissent Of Man」

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9月に発売された”バッド レリジョン”の三年ぶりとなる
15枚目の新作アルバム「ディセント オブ マン」


「The Dissent Of Man」

01. The Day That the Earth Stalled (Graffin)
02. Only Rain (Gurewitz)
03. The Resist Stance (Graffin)
04. Won’t Somebody (Gurewitz)
05. The Devil in Stitches (Gurewitz)
06. Pride and the Pallor (Graffin)
07. Wrong Way Kids (Gurewitz)
08. Meeting of the Minds (Graffin)
09. Someone to Believe (Graffin)
10. Avalon (Graffin)
11. Cyanide (Gurewitz)
12. Turn Your Back on Me (Gurewitz)
13. Ad Hominem (Graffin)
14. Where the Fun Is (Gurewitz)
15. I Won’t Say Anything (Gurewitz)
16. Finite

Bad Religion – Only Rain

“Bad Religion”と言えば”Epitaph”




Bad Religion – Generator

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